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Make A Difference Today

Making a difference in today’s society can be a difficult task. In a society of constant acceptance and recognition, it seems that anything and everything is being accepted other than Christians. If anything, society has come to label Christians as naive, ignorant, crazy people.

We live in a culture that is continuously harsh judges of one another and quick to point fingers. My news for you is do not stop being who you are destined to be and strive to make a difference. One thing I have learned is that people are going to talk no matter what and give you their opinions and that is ok but that should not stop your mission and your purpose.

This life is temporary if it was not then why are we born and why do we die? Those are two facts that are going to happen no matter what. Well with our small time frame on this Earth be the difference and make the difference.

Looking at news, social issues and social media so many people are focused on things that they cannot control. My point in all of this is to say live your purpose and make your immediate circle better. Challenge yourself by waking up and asking if I am making my surroundings better. Do not worry about what is going on beyond your control. Wake up with a purpose of making your life and anyone in your life circle better. You can do it and the willingness to do that is completely up to you.

Times are ever changing but make a difference and stay fed in God’s word for all the answers to your questions. Do not wait and make a difference today.

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