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Purchase Your Next Hit From 3hre Music

Happy New Year and may I start off by saying I wish everyone a successful 2021 with nothing but success and joy. This year is a huge year for artists of all genres and I am proud to announce that my beat page is up and ready for you to purchase your next hit (Listen Now).

Music is my escape, my passion and where I go to when I need to release my energy. If you have not yet check out my new album entitled “Saving Me” which is now available on all major platforms for streaming or download (Listen on Spotify, Listen on Apple Music/Itunes and all major platforms).

Take your motivations this year and turn your dreams into reality one day at a time. Anything you set your mind to you can do and I am more than happy to hear from you and discuss anything to help try and take your music to the next level. My journey is just getting started and I invite you to join the ride and stay tuned for much more music coming in 2021.

My beats and instrumentals can also be purchased on Soundclick (Click Here) or on Beatstars (Click Here). Lets collaborate and make hits in 2021 and make 2021 a year never to forget!

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