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What Is Your Purpose


Everyday we wake up and we ask ourselves what I am doing on this earth and what is my purpose? Have you ever been there or asked yourself those questions?

Well welcome to the club because I know that I sure do. I wake up, I wrestle with wanting to get up out of my bed and I just stare at the ceiling. Mumbling to myself I say Lord another day what am I supposed to do? What will this day bring? Am I ready for it?

Did I ever learn this in 2020? I mean what a crazy year and what crazy times that we are living in. Prices continue to hike, people continue to get crazier and I just feel so unattached to society and what is really going on in the world. I ask myself how am I supposed to relate? Do I really fit in?

That was a constant question in 2020 for me and a majority of my life. As I grow spiritually and as a man I learn that God is my answer. I do not have any of these answers nor should I worry about these answers to the questions that I have. The answer that I have learned is one day at a time. Do not worry what tomorrow will bring, focus on the task at hand. The old saying I have always learned is “left foot in front if right foot” and it is so true. So many days we set out to conquer the world in 24 hours when that is not even realistic. When that does not happen we go right back into our slump and continually overthink.

The short and sweet of this is focus on what you can control and find your higher power. Everyone has a purpose, you just have to search your inner self to find it. We all have something we are good at and a gift we can share to the world. If you have a way you can be a blessing to another person then what are you waiting for? One step at a time, share it and be the best version of you. One step at a time you have to sit still and listen to the little things in life. The wind blowing, the waves crashing, kids playing, the smell of food, your family, your loved ones, etc. Start growing by being the best version of you. Find your purpose no matter what it is and share it. Bless others and blessings will return. Do not worry about what is going on in the world but start worrying about who you are. Take the time and focus on the person you are becoming and try to make the biggest difference you can for your immediate circle.

On January 1, 2021 I finally after many years and songs put out my debut album Saving Me and will put out Part 2 of my album by this summer of 2021. If you have not heard it check it out and I hope it will touch you. That is why I did it to relate with others, be a blessing and hopefully help someone. My goal that I told my family and especially my mother was that if I help 1 person and make a difference in their life then I have been a blessing and my music has purpose. Start today and this moment by focusing on what you can control and make a difference. Make your circle whatever that may be a better circle one day at a time.

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